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Entry #5

another electric eel

2008-08-23 16:23:36 by ArcadeRobot

hey thanks for the great comments on electric eel, everybody that has commented. if you havn't, go now, i need your opinion!

anyway, im makin a new experimental video because electric eel only took 2 days, and it was fun so i wanna do it again!

heres a screen shot of the new one!

another electric eel


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2008-08-23 23:27:21


woah looks really nice, cant wait. i love the randomness of your animations. lol

ArcadeRobot responds:

thanks for the comment


2008-08-23 23:34:05

wow. it looks great... i think it will get to the top 20.... cuz the last one was soooo colerful...

i love your art

ArcadeRobot responds:

hey thanks. dunno if this one will be as good its a bit slower and dosnt really go to the music. emmmm huh mabye i will change the music


2008-08-24 04:47:17

Hey can you give me a place to download the remix of Electric Feel? I don't like the original but I like this one

ArcadeRobot responds:

i sped it up myself so its not a real remix for download


2008-08-24 16:16:43

Just two days for electric eel? You are really talented. Haha
Hmm.. that sceen looks very good, like it'll be a very good video :D

ArcadeRobot responds:

hey! thanks for your kind words! haha


2008-08-24 18:37:23

You have amazing flash skills. I'm ok myself, but I procrastinate soooooo much, and I wont sit down and actually do anything. Any suggestions on how i can fix this?


2008-08-25 06:44:44

I find the best things I ever make take me a short while and I enjoy doing it...
Like my coffee thing I made took me two days and I got the best feedback out of all my submissions for it.
I had an Idea... you should have a point with zombies...I'd be like 5/5 10/10 AWE/SOME
Do it and I will be AWESOME.


2008-09-01 13:19:24

where did you find the song for your first video?


2008-09-01 20:59:08

I can't believe the first only took 2 days....

How did you sync it so well?


2008-09-02 02:34:14

That sounds cool. Your animation is so beautiful! Even if there is no meaning in it, it evokes emotion. How did you make the first MV fast? 'Cause I like that version, but not the actual one... maybe I can redo what you did for myself.


2008-10-19 10:14:00

wow it looks awesome.....cant w8 to see it......i hope it will be awesome as the electric eel, even better!


2010-06-28 21:43:39

HOLY FUCKING SHIT ANOTHER OMGZ! Just like i said on my comment my sister and me loved it!


2013-05-05 01:37:31

Been waiting for 5 years! lol